Be My Bodyguard, Ji Chang Wook!

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Calling The K2 Bodyguard agency…

Helloooo, may I please hire a bodyguard named Ji Chang Wook? Er… I need him to…er…protect me… er… this sounds embarrassing, but I feel I’m in danger er… from…

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Filipino Drama: ‘Dolce Amore’ Episode 1-15 Review

It Started With a K-Drama

dolce amore title card

Hi, fellow drama lovers!

As promised, I have my review of the pilot through episode 15. Thankfully, ABS-CBN uploaded the pilot onto their youtube channel. It’s without English subtitles right now, but as least you can check it out if you aren’t a TFC subscriber. Due to time constraints, this is more of a summary of the first 15 episodes. I hope that, in the future, I can review individual episodes. Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll work as hard as possible to keep up with Dolce Amore.

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W Two Worlds Episode 9 – Two Worlds, One Face, and a Whole Lot of Crappy Writer’s Karma.

Dramas With A Side of Kimchi

IMG_7548[1]Holy Batman, people. I think I need a moment. Or maybe a hundred to recover from that ending. This episode is all about reminding us of what Yeon Joo had and what she lost. In my drama watching career I’ve seen a lot of resets. Some due to amnesia, some to a tricky thing called time travel. They’re almost always painful because the world never seems to be kind about them. One person is left in the know. And if you know what was, but no one else does, it can make you not only sad but leaves you feeling extremely isolated. Thankfully, Yeon Joo has Soo Bong, but I’m not sure he’s enough to help her through this. And just like our tricky friend time travel, it appears that manhwa travel can be just as relentless.

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Jessi – My Romeo (Cinderella and Four Knights OST)

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

The stranger who crosses my heart
I can’t take my eyes off you
A whisper that comes into my closed heart
It softly melts me

Dazzling, my destiny
I knew it was destiny right away
My Romeo of my dreams
I knew it was the love I’ve been waiting for
Can you feel my heartbeat

Baby take me take me take me away
Hurry and come to me, take me away
Baby tell me tell me tell me tonight
Tell me what I’ve been waiting for

The day my cold tears stopped
You were there in my heart
Wherever you are, it’s my paradise
Stay by my side forever
You are the only one for me

On to pof my tired and broken shoulders
I’ll put your wings on
And fly over the world that gave me sadness
Into the light after the rain

You are my lucky star

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