Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap


Cinderella gets a shock and her knight goes looking for her.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap

Ha Won and Hyun Min stare as Hye Ji and Ji Woon exit his car. Ji Woon has a suitcase and tells them that Hye Ji will be living with them for the time being. Hye Ji and Hyun Min stare at each other. Ha Won and Ji Woon stare at each other.

Turnabout is fair play and Ha Won brings Hye Ji to her room. Hye Ji apologizes for barging in unannounced. Ha Won says as long if Ji Woon is okay with it she is too. Note, she only mentioned Ji Woon not Hyun Min. That tells you where her heart lies. Ha Won says the room is big enough to share. There are no guest room in the mansion? Hye Ji tells Ha Won that Ji Woon always…

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