Doctors Episode 14


Quick run-through:

Sometimes, even adults are clouded by optimism and hopelessness to believe that the world treats orphans as it should. Hye Jung and Ji Hong’s relationship continues to grow. Seo Woo’s getting better. Myung Hoon’s still in the dark as to who Mal Soon’s granddaughter is. And Hye Jung shows up in time to talk down a patient from making a humongous mistake.

The Episode in 10 Moments:

  1. It’s still a long road to go for Hye Jung and Min Ho and Joong Dae’s considering a change in profession

Ji Hong stands outside of Min Ho’s restaurant and tells us that entering the life of another person requires remaining oblivious to the person’s silent but apparent scar and not asking about it. It’s about being by the person’s side in quiet support. First, the scar must be identified. Ji Hong heads into the restaurant and orders some of Mal Soon’s…

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