Beautiful Mind Episode 13


Quick run-through:

Young Oh’s love for Jin Sung is beautifully innocent and so magnanimous that it brings tears to the eyes of even the most cynical of persons. Jin Sung turns out ill, very ill. Suk Joo gets a rude awakening and Young Oh makes an unbelievably big sacrifice for love (although he probably still hasn’t put a name to it) that has us confirms that just because he can’t put words to his emotions, doesn’t mean he can’t feel even deeper and stronger than anyone else can.

The Episode in 10 Moments:

  1. We learn how Young Bae landed in a wheelchair and Young Oh requests a mortality conference

We open in the past as Young Bae stares in horror at Young Oh’s CT scans and realizes that the CT scans had been swapped: Young Oh is completely fine. He immediately heads out, looking for Gun Myung and sees him surrounded…

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